Thank you for being interested in '' us ''! We think that there is not really an online shop where you can get the latest trends and where the service and price-quality ratio is optimal for customers. Our idea started here. We are based in United States but we ship worldwide! We already shipped to multiple countries and we keep on going! 


We ship from all over the world towards all over the world. We have multiple warehouses and we will ship from the closest warehouse towards your address. 

We now have multiple warehouses in:

  • Europe: The Netherlands and Spain. 
  • America: North America
  • Asia: Singapore and China

And counting!


Name ''The Little Sparkle Shop'' 

We want every wardrobe of our client have a little sparkle of the latest trends that we offer on our online store.  We are a trendy online store.

Where we stand for

- We find it very important that The Little Sparkle Shop has a good price-quality ratio. In this way it is possible for anyone to follow the latest trends. We believe that the articles are of good quality and that you as a customer should never pay too much!

- We believe that every step of the service is very important. This begins, of course, with the online store itself. Because we want the customers to get along with the site as easy as possible, we continue to optimize the site. We will do everything about a great feeling for the customers, when they order something at The Little Sparkle Shop!

- We find it very important to keep refreshing the collections. In this way we are really up-to-date with the latest trends and we can give the ''older'' trends for a good price. Because be honest, everyone loves SALE!